Ideal Bite 1

What is an Ideal Bite?

Many patients are referred to Mehta Orthodontics from their general dentist because their “bite is off”.  Many patients are, however, happy with the appearance of their teeth…  So, the

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With winter just around the corner, are your teeth properly protected this sport season? Numerous studies1 have shown that the use of a mouthguard during sport reduces the incidence

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braces for kids

Braces for Kids

Although our team at Mehta Orthodontics can enhance a smile at any age, there is an ideal time period to begin treatment for children. It is recommended that the

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ceramic braces main

What are Ceramic Braces ?

Ceramic or ‘clear’ braces are a revolutionary development in the world of orthodontics. The bracket, which is glued onto your tooth, is made up of a translucent (virtually invisible

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