Invisalign Teen®/Clear Aligners

Some teenagers will be suitable for the same Invisalign treatment as adult patients. Younger teenagers, or those who haven’t got all of their adult teeth erupted can be treated with Invisalign Teen – a treatment designed specifically for teenagers.

Invisalign Teen is a series of custom-made, clear plastic aligners that provide a teeth-straightening alternative to more traditional metal braces. The Invisalign Teen aligners are made with the same Invisalign technology used for Invisalign aligners, moving teeth gradually without the need for metal or wires. Because teens (and their mouths) are constantly on the move, there are a few special features.

Invisalign Teen is made with 3-D computer imaging technology and Dr Mehta is a certified Specialist with Invisalign. Dr Mehta will help you to work out if this is a suitable option for you.