When to start orthodontic treatment


  • As recommended by the Australian Society of OrthodontistsDr Mehta likes to see children from the age of 8 years onwards.
  • By this age, most of the adult front teeth have erupted and orthodontic problems can be evaluated.
  • The benefit of an early specialist assessment is it may reduce the need for more complex treatment later in your child’s life, and can reduce the overall treatment time for your child and save you money.


  • The teenage years are a time of personal and physical growth, and a time that most people associate with orthodontic treatment. As the bones and jaw of a teenager are still growing, this is an excellent time to straighten teeth and correct the bite.
  • All the permanent or adult teeth are now present allowing us to create orthodontic treatment plans that create optimal results.
  • Orthodontic treatment during the teenage years not only fixes crooked teeth and a bad bite, but your children also benefit from feeling great about their smile and themselves.


  • There are no age limits when it comes to orthodontic treatment in adults, which can be successful at any age.
  • There are a range of treatment options available for adults; many of these options are hardly visible at all.
  • You will be amazed how a great smile can have a positive effect on your life.