Mehta Orthodontics is proud to offer the latest orthodontic techniques

Even though two individuals may have similar orthodontic problems, their treatment plans could be vastly different.

The successful outcomes we achieve for our patients stem from the Mehta Orthodontics’ philosophy of individually tailored treatment plans.

Early Prevention and Intervention

Children Early Prevention
Even though most people think of pre-teens and teens when they think of orthodontics…

Improving Your Smile

improve smile

Look good and feel good. Not only do well-aligned teeth look good, they’re good for you, too.

Jaw Alignment

children jaw
Some people are born with skeletal problems that prevent them from biting normally. This “bad bite”…

Orthopaedic Appliances

Orthopaedic Appliances
Orthopaedic or Functional Appliances are used to improve the facial appearance and dental function in patients who are still growing and have a jaw discrepancy.