Some people are born with skeletal problems that prevent them from biting normally. This “bad bite” can be in the form of an under-bite, an over-bite or an open bite. Also known as severe malocclusion, the deformity can cause difficulties with chewing food properly (which affects digestion), speech problems, headaches and joint pain. It can also compromise a person’s appearance, especially their profile. To correct a bad bite, the jaw can be realigned in children using Orthopaedic Appliances.

Orthopaedic Appliances

Orthopaedic or Functional Appliances are used to improve the facial appearance and dental function in patients who are still growing and have a jaw discrepancy. The aim of this early treatment is to reduce the potential requirement for more complex treatment, involving either extractions or jaw surgery as they grow older.

The Orthopaedic Appliances we use:

  • Expand the upper jaw when the upper arch is narrow and constricted. The objectives can be to correct a bad bite, broaden the smile and/or improve the upper airway dimension.  This treatment also creates space to avoid possible future extractions of permanent teeth.
  • Reposition the jaws and teeth to correct a large under-bite or over-bite.
These orthopaedic appliances are effective in minimising the need for more invasive and complex treatment.