Occlusal Splints are generally recommended for people who grind or clench their teeth during their sleep, a condition called bruxism.

An Occlusal Splint is a device that is fitted to the upper arch of the teeth and covers the biting surfaces of your upper teeth.  The Splint is worn at night to reduce the amount of grinding pressure transferred to the teeth. It offers relief for the muscles of the jaw and protection of the teeth from wear and breakage.

People are often not aware of grinding or clenching their teeth, particularly at night. This grinding and clenching can lead to headaches and pain, particularly in the temples. Bruxism can also lead to strain and injury to the jaw joint (TMJ joint) and associated muscles.

An Occlusal Splint is an effective way of protecting your teeth from damage, and preventing the need for expensive dental procedures in the future.

Occlusal Splint

The process for making an Occlusal Splint at Mehta Orthodontics requires 2 short visits.  The first visit will be to take an impression or mould of your teeth and the final visit for fitting your Splint.  You will be given instructions on how to care for your Splint. Dr Mehta and his team can answer any questions you may have on Splints and Bruxism.