First Orthodontic Appointment

What happens at the first orthodontic appointment?

Whether your visit to Mehta Orthodontics is for you or your children, the first appointment is all about our team getting to know you and/or your children, understanding the reasons for your visit and informing you about all the orthodontic options available to you.

Orthodontic Tests

What kind of tests will be conducted at the first appointment ?

Once we are certain that orthodontic treatment is required, we conduct some tests and examinations to create a set of diagnostic records that guide your treatment.

Orthodontic Treatment Plan

How is each orthodontic treatment plan unique?

Orthodontic problems can range from crooked teeth, “buck teeth”, deep, open or cross-bites, snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Even though two individuals may have similar orthodontic problems, their treatment plans could be vastly different.

Orthodontic Treatment Solutions

What orthodontic treatment options are available?

Dr Mehta maintains a commitment to research and teaching which ensures that Mehta Orthodontics is always able to offer its patients state of the art technology and the latest proven orthodontic treatment solutions.