Broken Braces 2

Help! My braces are broken.

A wire or bracket can break during braces treatment, resulting in cuts or ulcers inside the mouth.  If left unfixed, it may prolong your treatment duration. There is nothing to panic about, but you should take action to get your braces fixed.

How can braces break?

The most common cause of breakages during orthodontic treatment is eating the wrong foods. Hard, sticky or crunchy foods can cause a bracket or wire to break. This can often be prevented by choosing alternative foods or cutting food into smaller pieces.

Trauma to the braces, usually during play or sports, can also cause damage. This can be minimised by wearing a mouthguard during all contact sports. A mouldable mouthguard is capable of being adapted around orthodontic appliances and braces. Contact the team at Mehta Orthodontics for more information.

What do I do if my braces have broken?

For all breakages, please give the Mehta Orthodontics team a call on 8883 4444 and let our receptionist know what the problem is, so we can help you immediately and schedule a priority appointment.

Some things to do to protect your mouth for common ways that braces get damaged:

A loose bracket still attached to the wire

  • If this happens the bracket can slide and rotate along the wire. It can cause irritation from rubbing on the lip or cheek. Use some orthodontic wax, provided in your Mehta Orthodontic care kit, to cover the surface until you can come in to see us for a repair.

Bent arch wire

  • A bent arch wire can limit the progress of your treatment by preventing teeth sliding along the wire. If you notice this, please contact us straight away.

Broken arch wire

  • If the arch wire breaks, the sharp end can poke your cheek or lips and may cause pain. You can use your orthodontic wax to cover the sharp area. Alternatively, you can use a small pair of pliers or nail clippers to trim the sharp end. Be careful to use a tissue inside the mouth you don’t swallow the small wire you cut.

Arch wire extending out of the back bracket

  • As your teeth move, excess wire can protrude out of the last bracket. This wire may poke into the cheek or gum. Use the orthodontic wax to cover the wire.

What should I do if I have a cut in my mouth?

Ulcers and cuts in the mouth usually heal quickly. However, there are steps you can take to speed up the healing process. Use the orthodontic wax to cover any sharp areas on the braces. Roll a pea-sized amount in your fingers to soften, dry the area where you want to apply it, then flatten the wax over the bracket or wire. You can leave the wax in place while eating and replace it if you accidentally swallow it (it is harmless). If you have sore areas a warm salt water rinse can help provide relief and assist healing. Mix one teaspoon of salt into a glass of warm water and gargle throughout the day.

Don’t forget to contact us

If something does happen to your braces, please contact us on 8883 4444. The staff at Mehta Orthodontics are always happy to talk to you and arrange to see you.