The cost of treatment can vary depending on the severity of your condition and duration of treatment.

We determine the best treatment based on:

  • your bite
  • how crooked your teeth are
  • if your jaws are small or wide
  • the shape of your teeth, and
  • whether your teeth are worn down due to a bad bite

We also determine whether we are

  • treating one jaw or two jaws
  • using plates, braces or aligners
  • using Invisalign®
  • or LightForce customised 3D printed braces

Your private health fund will most likely cover some of the costs. Once we provide you with a quote, you can contact them to find out how much of the cost will be covered.

We will help you to understand the treatment options so that we can provide the very best care for your investment. We can also arrange affordable interest free payment plans, with our focus being on the result you would like to achieve with your smile.