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Mehta Orthodontics are proud sponsors of Super 6 High Performance Program (S6HP), a World Class Athletic Development Program, offered by Carl Jennings, Managing Director.  Carl is an expert in the field of applied athletic development, recipient of the New Zealand Bravery Medal, motivational speaker, coach & mentor with over 25 years’ experience working at the highest levels of professional sport. Mehta Orthodontics has been the exclusive dental sponsor for all training kits for S6HP for the past 3 years.

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Eye Care Services in Cambodia

A significant number of Cambodians are without access to basic eye care services, with an estimated 180,000 blind people in the country requiring over 40,000 cataract operations each year.

These people cannot work and are unable to support either themselves or their families. With only 38 eye surgeons for a population of 15 million people, Cambodia has one of the lowest number of eye surgeons per capita in the world, in a country with one of the greatest needs.

Many Cambodians are therefore blind because they cannot afford an operation and because of the lack of specialists providing eye care services.

Khmer Sight Foundation

The Khmer Sight Foundation (KSF) was formed in 2015 by His Excellency Sean Ngu, the Cambodian Secretary of State and Dr Kim Frumar, a Sydney eye surgeon, to unify eye care in Cambodia.

Sadly, Kim Frumar who practiced in Chatswood passed away suddenly in 2016. Khmer Sight Foundation’s aim to create a self-sustaining local centre of excellence for eye care training and service delivery in Cambodia’s capital Phnom Penh. By training local eye surgeons there will be a generation of local specialists ready to take on the challenge of eradicating avoidable blindness.

Mehta Orthodontics is Helping to Improve Lives

Dr Mehta is supporting Khmer Sight Foundation to help provide the Cambodian community with better access to eye care. Professor Sunil Shah, his brother in law, and Roopa, his wife have been working with the team at Khmer Sight Foundation over the past 12 months.

Professor Shah is an eye surgeon in UK and has been appointed as the Medical Chairman of the Khmer Sight Foundation Board and has made 4 visits to Cambodia over the past year to conduct life changing eye surgery. In 2017, Khmer Sight Foundation with the help of Professor Shah and Roopa have successfully co-ordinated missions with over 120 overseas volunteer surgeons screening and operating on over 10,000 patients.

Please help us end avoidable blindness in Cambodia.

A donation of $30 will give the chance for one person to see again.



Supporting & Raising Money for


We, once again, held our Annual Ice Skating Party on Sunday 20th August at Sydney Ice Arena in Baulkham Hills.

The party was attended by over 400 people and we raised over $1800 for Variety, The Children’s Charity. We would like to thank everyone for their generosity and support of this annual event.

Unfortunately, Sydney Ice Arena have informed us that they are closing down in October this year. However, the owners have reassured us that they are looking for new premises. We will certainly keep you informed of our plans for next year!

Check out our Facebook page for more photos and feel free to tag yourself and your friends!

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The team at Mehta Orthodontics is committed to their involvement in charity events. Recently Dr Mehta was involved in raising over $26000 for “Good Beginnings Australia” and over $1,000 for ‘Variety” which are charities which help disadvantaged children in Australia…Read more

Dr Mehta values the support he can provide to the local sports teams that require funds to purchase equipment and uniforms. Many of our patients from the local cricket, netball and soccer clubs have gone on to represent the State and Australia in their respective sports.
Dr Mehta and his staff conduct regular school field trips to educate children on dental health, oral hygiene and what can be expected at a visit to the dentist/orthodontist. These visits are highly praised by the school principals and teachers and are now sought after by a number of other schools.
Dr Mehta is dedicated to providing the community with high quality orthodontic care. His involvement in teaching future orthodontists at the University of Sydney and attending continuing education courses keep him up to date with the latest developments in the field of orthodontics and dentistry. Our patients therefore benefit by receiving the highest level of dental care..
The annual skating party is the social event that all patients look forward to! Every patient is invited to a large skating party at the local ice rink. They can also bring along a friend. Patients may wish to make a small voluntary contribution, which is donated to a local charity, this year, being Variety, The Children’s Charity. It is an event that allows us to meet with patients and parents in an informal and relaxed setting.