A selection of our success stories – patients treated by Mehta Orthodontics

jaw correction functional appliance jaw surgery
A 10 year old girl with 15mm overjet treated with a functional appliance to avoid jaw surgery and tooth extractions.
genioplasty chin implant facial surgery jaw alignment
The profile is an important consideration during treatment. Catherine Cox, Australian netball player, treated with braces and a chin advancement (genioplasty) to enhance the facial aesthetics.
A combined treatment with a functional appliance followed by braces to avoid surgery and tooth extractions.
Teeth can sometimes go astray. This patient had her canine tooth brought from the roof of the mouth into alignment using braces.
A combined approach involving jaw alignment and conventional braces to give optimal aesthetics and dental function.
A team based approach to find a solution to replace missing teeth. Missing teeth were replaced by implants following orthodontic treatment by Mehta Orthodontics.