3D Printed Clear Ceramic Braces from Light Force

Lightforce 1

Mehta Orthodontics is excited to share with you the forefront of Orthodontic technology. We are bringing all of our patients an experience like no other and the opportunity to be the first to try lightforce technology in Australia. 3D printing technology is being used in the Orthodontic industry to create clear ceramic braces, a new […]

Benefits of Getting Braces as an Adult

Braces Adult

Have you been thinking of getting braces? You are not alone. Over half of Australians adults are self-conscious about their teeth, and more than two-thirds are considering treatment to improve their smile. It might feel strange being an adult and wanting to get braces, as you’re not a teenager anymore! We want you to feel […]

Top 5 Tips for Surviving the First Week in Braces

Top 5 Tips

You may have many questions during the first few days of getting your braces on. You may be thinking… What should I eat? Will I experience any discomfort? Will I ever get used to the feeling of braces? Our Team at Mehta Orthodontics is here to the rescue! Our 5 top tips to help you […]

Orthodontics – Are You Worth it?

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The short answer to this question is, yes- you are worth it! Orthodontic treatment involves using clear or metal braces or Clear Aligners (also known as Invisalign®). It may also require the use of a functional appliance. It is important to delve into the 3 key reasons why you should consider aligning your teeth with […]

Braces or Invisalign…Which Option Should I Choose?

invisalign or braces

After your orthodontic consultation, you may still be asking yourself what the difference is between Braces and Invisalign, and which option would be best for you. In order to help with your decision making, we have outlined the core differences between the two systems for tooth alignment. Benefits of Braces: Braces are glued onto the […]

My teen doesn’t want braces… What are the alternatives?

invisalign vs lightforce clear braces

70% of kids are happy or excited when told that they require braces, based on research from the peak industry body, Australian Society of Orthodontists (ASO); however it is understandable that some feel less enthusiastic. Although traditional standard stock metal braces (now more than 50years old) are an effective treatment option, at Mehta Orthodontics, we […]


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There are often many questions that arise when you first get braces. We are here to answer any questions you may have about orthodontic care. Will having braces hurt? This is definitely the most common question asked and we completely understand your concerns. The process of getting braces can be a scary experience but we […]

Top 10 Myths about Braces


Myth 1: Braces are only for children FACT: A recent survey* revealed that 62% of Australian adults are considering orthodontic treatment. As a result, orthodontists from all over Australia are increasingly treating more adults. At Mehta Orthodontics, 25-30% of new patients are over 18 years old.  Myth 2: Dentists and orthodontists offer the same services […]

What are Ceramic Braces ?

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Ceramic or ‘clear’ braces are a revolutionary development in the world of orthodontics. The bracket, which is glued onto your tooth, is made up of a translucent (virtually invisible and unnoticeable) material that blends in with your tooth colour.   New developments in the clear braces systems have allowed ceramic braces to incorporate rounded corners […]

Braces for Adults

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Orthodontic treatment is highly successful at any age and our team at Mehta Orthodontics has seen an enormous increase in adult patients in recent years. Many adult patients seek orthodontic treatment in order to address both functional and aesthetic needs.  With options such as clear braces, Invisalign and Incognito Braces available now, having obtrusive and […]