invisalign vs lightforce clear braces

My teen doesn’t want braces… What are the alternatives?

70% of kids are happy or excited when told that they require braces, based on research from the peak industry body, Australian Society of Orthodontists (ASO); however it is understandable that some feel less enthusiastic.

Although traditional standard stock metal braces (now more than 50years old) are an effective treatment option, at Mehta Orthodontics, we now use digital platforms to customise your smile and personalise your treatment plan using either Invisalign or clear ceramic LightForce braces.  They cost a little more than traditional metal braces but are more cost effective than traditional ceramic braces and provide better treatment outcomes in a shorter time with fewer office visits.  They are also more comfortable due to their accurate fit.


Your smile is Unique.  Your braces should be too.

Lightforce braces are 3d printed and the latest innovation in Orthodontics.  They offer true customisation of your smile design and accuracy of fit compared to traditional metal/ceramic braces. As a result you can complete your treatment in a shorter time, with fewer office visits and a better treatment outcome. They are also more comfortable.


Clear aligners, such as InvisalignTM, can provide an alternative to fixed braces for less severe orthodontic problems. Removable and virtually invisible, they are a discreet alternative to braces.

However, aligners and braces work in very different ways.

If you and your orthodontist decide clear aligner treatment is the right option for your child, they will receive a series of aligners which they wear for a number of weeks each. Your child will need to commit to wearing the aligners for at least 22 hours each day, only removing them to eat and to clean them.

Whether you’re considering traditional metal braces or an alternative, Dr Mehta and the team at Mehta Orthodontics will be able to help you get the best outcome for you or your child.