Top 5 Tips

Top 5 Tips for Surviving the First Week in Braces

You may have many questions during the first few days of getting your braces on. You may be thinking… What should I eat? Will I experience any discomfort? Will I ever get used to the feeling of braces? Our Team at Mehta Orthodontics is here to the rescue!

Our 5 top tips to help you survive your first week in braces:

Tip 1 – be careful about what you eat

Choose softer foods for the first few days. Foods such as soups, mashed potatoes and dishes using pasta or rice are a great idea in the initial stages of getting your braces on. As this is the first time the teeth have a force being placed on them, they may be a little tender. This is completely normal and means that your teeth are on their journey to becoming straighter!  Also,  avoid any hard or chewy foods to prevent any breakages and emergency trips to the practice.

Tip 2 – use orthodontic wax

Become a pro at using orthodontic wax. It takes a little while for your mouth to accustom to having brackets and wires along the inside of the cheeks. But, whilst the mouth is adjusting, ensure that you know how to use the orthodontic wax to ensure your cheeks have a smooth surface. The most effective way to use wax is to hold out your cheek using your fingers and dry the bracket or wire with a tissue. Once it is dry, break off a bit of wax and roll it into a ball, then apply firm pressure and stick it to the area that is irritating you. The wax will most likely come off when you are eating or brushing, but feel free to replace it if you need to. Wax is also non-toxic, so it is perfectly OK if you do accidentally swallow it. If you do not have any wax, sugar free chewing gum also works a charm.

Tip 3 – take care of your teeth

Get into a good brushing routine to maintain optimal oral hygiene. Before you leave your initial appointment, ensure you know how to take care of your teeth with braces by brushing and flossing. When braves are placed, it is vital that you clean the entire tooth surface around the brackets to prevent any leftover plaque, which could potentially lead to cavities. It may take longer to brush your teeth with braces, but this is critical to ensuring you prevent any stains on the teeth when braces are removed.

Tip 4 – be patient as it will be worth it

Keep your eyes on the prize. Getting braces can definitely feel a little overwhelming, especially with all the information provided to you at the initial appointment. But just remember, the result at the end will be well worth the wait and never forget that you will have a million-dollar smile to show at the end of your treatment.

Tip 5 – talk to the Mehta Orthdontics team

Relax and enjoy the experience! We understand that getting braces, or any orthodontic treatment for that matter, can be a daunting process. But please rest assured that the Team at Mehta Orthodontics are here to help you with any questions or concerns that you may have. Have fun with your braces colours, you could even do red and green for Christmas! Even if you have ceramic, or clear braces, be sure to flash that beautiful smile wherever you go.