Don’t Brush Off Your Oral Health

A healthy smile is more than just a cosmetic asset; it’s a window into your overall well-being. Dental health plays a significant role in our lives, influencing not only our physical health but also our mental and emotional states. Let’s explore the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene habits to your overall well-being. The Oral […]

A Revolutionary Treatment to Make you Smile!

Lightforce 2

At Mehta Orthodontics we strive to bring a level of care that is best practice globally.  Braces have been around for more than 50 years with minimal change, until now. Dr Mehta and his staff recently had the opportunity to attend the LightForce Symposium in San Diego. Dr Mehta says “I am simply blown away […]

New Year’s Resolutions for a Healthy Smile

Happy New Year 1

Happy New Year to our Mehta Orthodontics family! We have had the most amazing 2022 and we are ready for an even better 2023. It is this time of year that we work on our New Year’s Resolutions and we want to make the process easier for you. If you are in treatment with us […]

Benefits of Getting Braces as an Adult

Braces Adult

Have you been thinking of getting braces? You are not alone. Over half of Australians adults are self-conscious about their teeth, and more than two-thirds are considering treatment to improve their smile. It might feel strange being an adult and wanting to get braces, as you’re not a teenager anymore! We want you to feel […]

Braces or Invisalign…Which Option Should I Choose?

invisalign or braces

After your orthodontic consultation, you may still be asking yourself what the difference is between Braces and Invisalign, and which option would be best for you. In order to help with your decision making, we have outlined the core differences between the two systems for tooth alignment. Benefits of Braces: Braces are glued onto the […]

Sugar and Your Teeth: The Facts


When you proceed with orthodontic treatment, either with Braces or Clear Aligners such as Invisalign, it is important to ensure you are looking after the health of your teeth. If you have a sweet tooth, it is even more essential that you maintain a disciplined brushing and care routine. We all love a little bit […]

Brushing With Braces – A Five Star Routine

Brushing with Braces

One of the most important aspects of your orthodontic treatment is ensuring you maintain an exceptional brushing routine. Brushing is not only important for the health of your teeth and gums, but also ensures that you are not left with any permanent scars on your teeth which are very difficult to remove. Scars occur when […]

Mehta Orthodontics Has Re-Opened

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The Australian Dental Association and Australian Government have recommended that all restrictions placed on dental practices be reduced to implement Level 2 Restrictions. This means that we can deliver ongoing orthodontic services to our patients. While there are still some restrictions regarding the types of procedures we can perform, we can begin seeing patients again. We will […]

Handling Orthodontic Issues at Home


Given the current situation, Mehta Orthodontics would like to assist you in learning how to handle orthodontic issues at home. You can still contact us via phone or email about any issues or concerns regarding your orthodontic treatment. Below are some steps to help temporarily fix or alleviate any discomfort you may be feeling and […]

Mehta Orthodontics is Temporarily Closed – What Does This Mean for My Treatment?

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The team at Mehta Orthodontics have made the difficult, but important, decision to postpone any non-urgent appointments. You can be assured that this decision was not made lightly but was made to protect our patients, staff and families. Given this temporary closure, you may have a few questions. We are here to support you and […]