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New Year’s Resolutions for a Healthy Smile

Happy New Year to our Mehta Orthodontics family! We have had the most amazing 2022 and we are ready for an even better 2023. It is this time of year that we work on our New Year’s Resolutions and we want to make the process easier for you. If you are in treatment with us or you are in your retention phase, we are here to help you design your New Year’s Resolutions for a happy and healthy smile.

#1: Start Flossing!

We all know how important flossing is. Flossing is key to a healthy smile no matter what your age or orthodontic condition, and it’s even more important when you’re wearing braces. Plaque can gather all around your brackets and wires so flossing is really important when you have braces. We want to ensure that you avoid build ups and cavities. If you floss your teeth regularly, you will have a happy, healthy and clean smile. Start 2023 with new habits and goals for yourself when it comes to flossing.

#2: Wear Your Retainer

When you finish your orthodontic treatment you will be given a retainer to wear at night. Wearing your retainer means that your teeth are going to stay in place and you will maintain your perfect smile. If you forget to wear your retainer, it is ok, so long as you form the habits to continue wearing them in the future. We do suggest making this a big 2023 goal as too often people will have to revisit orthodontic treatment due to their teeth moving. Tip: Keep your retainer by your toothbrush or by your bed so you don’t forget to wear it.

#3: Keep Up with Your Appointments

Once you complete your treatment we will want to see you at a handful of follow up appointments. This is a great opportunity to ask us any questions you may have or address any concerns that you have when it comes to wearing your retainer. Our Mehta Orthodontics team is equipped to help you with every question you may have. Appointments during your treatment are also important as we can maintain your treatment and watch your progress.

#4: Start your Orthodontic Journey

Start 2023 with a perfect smile. This is your time to start the treatment you may have been putting off for years. We have different payment plans to make the payment process easier and more suitable for your lifestyle. Do you want to increase your confidence and feel like the best version of yourself? Come in and have a chat with us and we can review all treatment options and personalise them to suit you.

Call us today on 8883 4444 to start your orthodontic journey for 2023.