Will braces interfere with my hobbies?

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Experiencing orthodontic treatment and having braces should not get in the way of your favourite hobbies such as a sporting activity or playing a musical instrument. The good news is that braces are designed to fit as seamlessly as possible into a patient’s lifestyle because orthodontists don’t want you or your child to have to […]

Apart from LOOKING GOOD, why are straight teeth important?

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Having straight teeth not only gives you a beautiful smile, it also contributes to your overall health. The major health benefit of straight teeth is that it is easier to clean straight teeth compared to crooked teeth.  ​Healthy teeth – The toothbrush bristles can reach almost every surface of straight teeth and floss is easier […]


Tips and tricks

Our team at Mehta Orthodontics want to ensure you and your braces get off to a good start on your journey to achieving a beautiful smile. You will get to know your braces quite well in the first few months, so here are some tips for you and your braces to develop the best relationship. […]