Male Pupil Playing Trumpet In High School Orchestra

Will braces interfere with my hobbies?

Experiencing orthodontic treatment and having braces should not get in the way of your favourite hobbies such as a sporting activity or playing a musical instrument. The good news is that braces are designed to fit as seamlessly as possible into a patient’s lifestyle because orthodontists don’t want you or your child to have to sacrifice the things they enjoy doing just for an improved smile! It is however important to take extra safety precautions where possible.

For contact sports, a mouthguard can help protect not only the teeth and lips, but also the jaws. The best way to protect your teeth is with a custom-made mouthguard. Talk to Dr Mehta, our specialist orthodontist who will recommend the best type of mouthguard for your specific needs.

With musical instruments, it may take a week or two to get used to playing with braces, but most people soon forget they are wearing them when playing. You may find that certain mouth positions cause your braces to rub against the inside of your mouth while playing, so orthodontic wax can help to ease the discomfort as you adjust. If necessary, our practice is happy to provide a clear tubing which slips onto your braces and helps sooth any discomfort between the braces and your inner lip. Please ask our friendly staff on your next visit.

While braces may present some temporary challenges, they are designed to improve your dental health and alignment for the long-term. The benefits of braces far outweigh the potential short term discomfort braces can cause.

Having braces does not mean you have to stop doing what you enjoy.  Talk to our orthodontist and staff, who can provide you personalised guidance, hints and tips to help you continue with your favourite hobbies.