How Long Will Braces Be On For


How long you’ll have your braces on is dependent upon the goals that you and Dr Mehta have for the final result.  Here are some of the important things that will determine the length of your treatment.

Dr Mehta is a Specialist Orthodontist and he will propose a treatment plan that provides you with the best bite and smile in the world.  Non-specialists or general dentists may merely line up the front teeth only and not correct the bite.  They call this ‘quick/fast braces’ and market it to the public as an alternative to treatment by a Specialist Orthodontist.

If you have mild to moderate crowding and don’t need to have any permanent teeth removed, your treatment will take approximately 18 months.  These are routine cases and represent the majority of the patients we see in our practice.

Everyone is different, but this estimate gives you an idea of what you can expect before starting your treatment.  Don’t be fooled by promises of faster treatment by an orthodontist who uses “special brackets” or markets an “advanced technique.”  When these claims have been put to the test in controlled studies, they have been shown to be mostly hype.

We all play by the same biological rules and no bracket manufacturer has an inside track with Mother Nature to get the job done any quicker.  Even the newest technologies claiming to shorten treatment time (tooth vibrators, bone perforators, pulsating light energy, etc.) have been shown to reduce it by only a very small percentage at huge additional cost.

There are no shortcuts to excellent orthodontic results. If you follow Dr Mehta’s instructions, take care of your braces, and don’t miss any of your appointments, your braces will be off before you know it… and the job will be done right.