first appointment

What Happens at my First Orthodontic Appointment?

It is normal to be nervous when doing something for the first time. If you’ve never been to see an orthodontist before, you may wonder what is going to happen at your first visit.

Our team at Mehta Orthdontics will listen to the reasons for your visit and address any questions you may have as well as discuss treatment options that best suit you, or your child’s situation.

We use the medical history form that you fill out prior to your first appointment to give us an understanding of your concerns as well as your past and present medical background. Our team will also use a set of diagnostic records, such as x-rays and photos to help us to decide the most appropriate treatment for you.

You are looked after during your visit by our highly trained team, including our treatment co-ordinator and Dr Mehta, your orthodontist who will be able to answer your questions and concerns, explain all possible treatment options, and discuss aspects of your treatment plan and the expected outcome.

One of the best outcomes from an orthodontic consultation is to understand your options. With so many choices available today, orthodontic care is a lot more versatile than in the past.  We are confident our team will provide you with not only the possible treatment options, but also guide you to the treatment option that is best suited to you or your child.

You will leave our office with a patient booklet that has been especially prepared for you.  The booklet contains a copy of your photos, treatment plan, a written quote and information about our practice.

Once you have made the decision to start your orthodontic journey with Mehta Orthodontics, we can start your or your child’s treatment within a couple of weeks.