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Why Digital Technologies are Dramatically Improving Orthodontic Results

At Mehta Orthodontics we understand the importance of digital advancements in the orthodontic world. We are already at the forefront of technology with our digital scans and clear aligner technology.  We are excited to announce we are now the first orthodontic practice in Australia to have Lightforce 3D printing.

Haven’t heard about Lightforce 3D braces? They are a type of orthodontic treatment that uses three-dimensional computer-aided design and manufacturing to create customised brackets and wires for each patient.

At Mehta Orthodontics we love this technology as these braces use a lower force than traditional braces, which can make treatment more comfortable for patients. Lightforce also has a smaller profile than traditional braces, which can make them less visible when worn.

Lightforce 3D braces are designed to move teeth more efficiently and effectively, potentially leading to shorter treatment times and better outcomes which is why Mehta Orthodontics is the first orthodontic practice in Australia to have this technology.

Digital technologies offer a number of advantages over traditional methods. Some of the benefits of digital technologies in orthodontics include:

  1. Increased accuracy: 3D imaging and digital modelling allows for greater precision in diagnosis and treatment planning, which leads to better outcomes.
  2. Faster treatment times: Clear aligners can be used to speed up treatment times, allowing patients to achieve their desired results more quickly.
  3. Greater patient comfort: Digital impression systems eliminate the need for traditional dental impressions, which can be uncomfortable for some patients.
  4. More efficient communication: Digital models and digital radiography allow for easy sharing of patient information, which can improve collaboration between orthodontists and other dental professionals.

Digital technologies are helping Dr Mehta and our orthodontists achieve better results, faster treatment times, and a more comfortable experience for our patients.

Visit Mehta Orthodontics to ask about our new technologies. We are the first practice in  Australia to offer this technology. You are in the most advanced hands when it comes to your smile and orthodontic care. Head to our ‘Contact Us’ tab and reach out today to see what we can do to help you enjoy a lifetime of confidence.