Common orthodontic problems in children

Common orthodontic problems 3

Orthodontics is not just about creating a beautiful smile. It is about creating a healthy bite that will benefit the child for the rest of their life. Orthodontists are trained as dentists and have an additional three years of full-time specialist training so they can provide the highest standard of care for you and your […]


How Old is Too Old

Ideally, human teeth would line up as neatly as the keys on a piano. Unfortunately, many people must contend with crooked teeth, crowded smiles, or poorly aligned bites. There is no upper age limit for getting braces and more adults are opting for orthodontic treatment and coming away with excellent results. As long as you […]

How to decide when your child needs to see an Orthodontist

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Confidence is an attractive quality most people desire. It comes from within but is often a reflection of what someone feels on the outside.  Seeing an Orthodontist for your child between 8 – 8 ½ years of age may be the best thing for their long-term confidence. Many early orthodontic treatments also allow correction of problems that may […]