happy halloween

Happy Halloween

The month of October can mean fun dress-ups, the excitement of trick or treating and possibly lots of sugary treats for you to enjoy. Although it is nice to indulge in a lolly or chocolate once in a while, especially during Halloween, it is important to look after your braces or aligners during this time to ensure you do not compromise your orthodontic treatment. Here are some tips to have a fang-tastic Halloween and treat your orthodontist to healthy teeth at your next appointment.

Trick or Treat?

Any treats, such as Minties or sweets containing toffee, could cause breakages to your braces or attachments. Chewy and sticky sweets add an increased force to the glue behind your braces or attachments. Any breakages could mean an emergency trip to your orthodontist, or if you are unaware of any breakages, it could lead to a delay in your treatment. We would never witch that upon any patient!

Don’t give your toothbrush a fright!

When you consume sugary foods, it feeds the bacteria in your mouth. That is why it is very important to maintain good oral hygiene during Halloween and ensure you spend enough time cleaning your braces to ensure your teeth stay healthy.

If you have aligners, remove your aligner to brush your teeth and be sure to brush or rinse your aligner before continuing its wear. Not brushing after eating and putting your aligner back in could mean that the sugars will sit on your teeth for extended periods of time, which can cause cavities. Mouthwash is not completely necessary, but if you prefer to use it, ensure to use an alcohol-free based solution as it does not prevent saliva production. 

 If you ever have any questions about your orthodontic treatment, please do not be afraid to contact our practice or ask us at your next appointment. We wish all our patients a very Happy Halloween and we look forward to seeing you soon!