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With MO Clear Aligner System

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Hi, I am Dr Mehta and together with my highly trained team, we would like to share with you why it is important to have your Clear Aligner Treatment supervised by a Specialist Orthodontist.
Just likes braces, Clear Aligners are a form of complex orthodontic treatment, which involves moving your teeth and changing your bite. Although they are simple to use, if used incorrectly they can cause unwanted results. This form of treatment requires regular monitoring by a specialist orthodontist to ensure treatment is progressing safely and as per the treatment plan.
Only a fully qualified specialist orthodontist has the training, experience and expert knowledge to provide the best results from your Clear Aligner treatment.
* Invisalign® is our preferred provider.
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At Mehta Orthodontics, we offer a full range of services to help you achieve a beautiful smile:

  • Comprehensive clinical evaluation
  • Digital imaging and x-rays
  • Professional evaluation of your digital scans and records
  • An individually customised treatment plan
  • Regular assessments and adjustments as required
I would like to share with you my reasons for using MO Clear Aligners:
1. Clear Aligner therapy is effective in straightening teeth and achieving a healthy bite. They have been available for over twenty years, and dedicated research and improvements have led to reliable and consistent results.
2. With clear, removable aligners we can straighten your teeth while you maintain your current lifestyle.
3. You will require fewer visits to our practice and there is also less chance of emergency appointments being required.
4. There are no restrictions on what you are allowed to eat and you are able to maintain your current oral health routine.
5. Your treatment is unique, just like you! Your treatment plan and aligners are personalised to your individual needs using state of the art 3D computer imaging technology.
Behind every beautiful smile is an effective treatment and an expert Orthodontist!  To make an initial appointment with Dr Mehta, please click here …